Remote Learning Assignments

This is a guide to help you while you are working at Google Classroom, including the instructions and websites for each subject and assignment.
Watch The morning Video in Our Remote Homeroom.

All assignments are in Google Classroom.
For example: Open [Math/Reading/Writing/Social Studies] Remote Instruction
Go to Home Instruction or Wonderstruck 

Home Instruction
Open Google Classroom-Vespe Math
Go to Home Instruction
Links are available through Clever.

Google Classroom


15min each day on the skill that is listed.

  • Students will watch
  • video lessons

    XtraMath for 15 min

  • Students are to complete a session each day.

    IXL OR iready for 30 min

  • Skills are listed.





Students are to Read each day for 35min

  • They can do this with a novel or one of the many websites they have access to. (Getepic, Readworks, Benchmark literacy)

    Students will complete a reader’s response each day in Google Classroom. (10min)

    Students will continue Novel Work.Identify Theme.

  • Unit 9 Fact and Opinion

  • Persuasive Letters

  • Students willIXL each day for 15min

  • Skills are listed.



Students will choose a prompt from their writing calendar each day and write for 15min in the doc created.   

Students will choose an Endangered Animal.


Students will work on writing IXL skills for 15min each day.

  • Skills are listed.



Students will utilize TCI 
Science. Unit 3.